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Capture the Heart of Your Love Story with Elegance

Parker’s Images, under the artistic direction of Mitchell Brenghause, is not just a photography team; it’s a gateway to excel your unique love story. Situated in the vibrant Chicago suburbs, we specialize in capturing the essence and elegance of your most cherished moments. With a keen focus on Chicagoland weddings and engagements, we weave your unique love into stunning visual narratives. Let us elevate your special day into an everlasting testament of beauty and love.

Crafting Unforgettable Memories

Every love story shines with its own light, deserving a celebration that mirrors its distinct beauty. We masterfully blend creativity with heartfelt sincerity to capture the essence of your wedding day—the elegance, the traditions, and the spontaneous, heartfelt moments that are uniquely yours. From the tender preparations to the joyous dances, we meticulously craft a collection of candid moments and graceful portraits, encapsulating every emotion and detail. Let us turn your day into an everlasting legacy of memories, as special and enduring as your love itself.

Acknowledged Excellence

Your unforgettable moments deserve the touch of award-winning artistry. Our photography has garnered prestigious accolades from both industry experts and leading wedding platforms, a reflection of our passionate commitment to capturing love stories at their finest. Cherished by our clients and celebrated by our peers, we’re honored to be a top choice for couples seeking extraordinary memories. Your trust and referrals are the highest compliments we receive, inspiring us to continue crafting images that are not just seen but felt.

Elevating Your Memories with Premium Videography

Your wishes have inspired us. We’re excited to introduce videography to our suite of services, a new chapter in our creative journey designed just for you. Our team of gifted filmmakers shares the same dedication to art and storytelling that has always fueled our photography. Now, we can encapsulate the magic of your special day in vibrant motion, inviting you to experience those deeply felt moments over and over.

The Ultimate Duo: Captivating Photography Meets Immersive Videography

Photography captures the timeless moments of your wedding day, while our videography breathes life into those stills, adding motion and a richer emotional texture to your memories. Merged, these mediums craft a complete, dynamic portrayal of your love story, offering perspectives that are as detailed as they are heartfelt. Whether you select one service or both, our mission is to curate a precious collection of moments that will take you back to the joy and love of your special day, time after time.

A Remarkable Blend

Discover the Artistry of Mitchell Brenghause at Parker’s Images, where passion and expertise blend to create unforgettable memories. Holding a Master’s degree in photography and boasting over a decade of rich experience, Mitchell infuses each wedding with unparalleled creativity, meticulous attention to detail, strategic planning, and a touch of magic. His work, celebrated in galleries and publications both nationally and internationally, can be explored further at

Yet, Mitchell’s vision is only the beginning. Our team, handpicked for their exceptional talent and shared dedication to storytelling, thrives under his guidance. Each photographer and videographer contributes their unique flair and imaginative perspective, all while aligning with the distinguished Parker’s Images standard. Working in harmony, we aim to capture the essence of your love story in a manner that is both genuine and deeply moving. Our collective drive for perfection and a heartfelt passion for what we do distinguish us, ensuring your wedding memories are not only preserved but elevated to timeless masterpieces.


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